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“To achieve for each of our patients, the best possible clinical outcome, the highest possible level of customer service, and the most efficient use of our resources.”


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Commitment to Quality - Ardent Health Services

A Commitment to Quality

Ardent’s approach to quality is rooted in the simple belief that every patient deserves our best: the best possible clinical outcome; the highest possible level of customer service; and the most effective use possible of our resources.

That’s why we set aggressive quality standards for our facilities, striving to exceed state and national benchmarks in the areas of clinical quality and customer service. We adopt evidence-based practices, confirmed by research to improve patient outcomes.  We believe measurement is key to continued improvement and we empower our leaders to create a culture that values and rewards quality at every level. With a focus on quality improvement, we set the bar high and raise it again and again.

The result? Measurable improvements in the areas of patient safety, clinical quality and customer loyalty:

  • 80% of Core Measures clinical quality indicators are at 100%
  • 16% decrease, year over year, in Hospital-Acquired Conditions

Ardent Health Services

Ardent Health Services invests in quality health care. In people, technology, facilities and communities, Ardent makes considerable investments – producing high quality care and extraordinary results.

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